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1- Duplicate Keywords
Never compete with your own bid for the same keyword again.

2- Low Performing Keywords
Uncover your worst performing keywords.

3- Daily Cap Hits
Detect the underutilized campaigns respect to their daily caps.

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4- Ad Groups with Low TTR & CR
Discover underperforming ads compared to industry benchmarks.

5- Negative Keywords
Reduce spend waste by adding our recommended negative keywords.

6- Search Terms
Scale campaigns better with your well-performing search terms.

Use recommendations to optimize your performance can track the competitor’s bidding keywords and manage our campaign on  Automation Rule. We felt like hiring a new Apple Search Ads marketer!

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Get 9 FREE reports based on a detailed health check of your overall Apple Search Ads account and use our recommendations and smart alerts to keep your account healthy!

Discover your Apple Search Ads bottlenecks and get actionable recommendations to optimize
your campaigns.

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7- Daily Performance and Top Spenders
Never miss your daily performance and top spenders of your apps, campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

8- Budget Allocation Schema
Take a glance at your budget structure as a tree.

9- Monthly Performance
Analyze how your campaigns performed last month compared to the month before at a glance.

Track your performance with smart alerts.

Account health check reports :

What do you get?

Recommendations for low performing ad groups 

Recommendations for low performing keywords 

Recommendations for Search Terms

Recommendations for Negative Keywords

Smart alerts for daily performance

Smart alerts for monthly performance 

Smart alerts for daily cap hits

Smart alerts for budget allocation schema

Smart alerts for duplicate keywords

We were able to increase our spending by 48% in 3 months while reducing our cost per registrations with the help of’s automation platform.

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